What are the Best Ways to Keep Kids Busy During Summer Vacation?

Summer vacation is a great time of year. Beautiful weather, a chance to spend time outdoors, and lots of fun activities like going to the beach and having a picnic are all part of the season. Something else that usually goes along with summer vacation is the use of the words, "I'm bored!" Kids become accustomed to having a structured routine while in school and often don't know what to do when that structure is missing.

There is good news. There are some great ways to help keep kids busy during summer vacation. One good idea is day camps or other programs in your local area. You may be able to sign your children up for swimming lessons, crafts or sports camp, or another day camp program. Many local park districts offer a variety of different programs during summer vacation that children enjoy, which are usually quite affordable.

You can also choose a sleep-away summer camp for your children. It will give your kids something to look forward to throughout their summer vacation, and even though most summer camps only last a week or two, your kids will also learn new skills. These new found talents will provide entertainment and activity for weeks after they return home from camp.

Another option is purchasing season passes to a local theme park, water park, pool, or amusement center. It sounds expensive, doesn't it? You might be surprised to learn that season passes for many such places often cost just a little more than a one-day ticket. If the theme park or other center is not far from your home, it may well benefit you to choose the season passes, and go back often throughout summer vacation.

These are great ways to make sure your child has a fun summer vacation, but you are likely to still hear cries of, "I'm bored." Let's face it, parents can't plan something exciting for every hour of the day. So, now what?

Some craft supply outlets sponsor children's classes as well as activities for the entire family. These are usually scheduled on Saturdays, so you and your children can sign up for different projects and activities. The library is another good resource. Take your children each week or two so they can select new books or attend story time or other library sponsored activities. Your kids will not only enjoy it, but it will also help them keep their reading skills polished over summer vacation.


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Sunny27-That’s a great idea. I usually take my children to the beach and play board games in the afternoon. I think if kids are occupied doing something they won’t be bored.

I also take them to Wannado City which they love. They get to try out different jobs by riding in a fire truck, or baking cookies in a kitchen. My daughter loves pretending to be a model and actually performing at a mini runway. It’s such a fun place.

I try to take them to different places every week, but sometimes just staying home and playing in the pool is all they need.

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Great Article- I just would like to add that reading to children and having them read to you really helps with boredom, and they actually get to practice their fluency and reading comprehension.

I like to give my children points based on the books they read and then I give them prizes at the store. It keeps them busy and they really get motivated to read. I try to have them select books from the Accelerated Reader list at school.

That way when they start school, they can reread those books and quickly start earning Accelerated Reader points at school.

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