How can I Stay Cool in the Summer?

During a heat wave, you may just want to lie on the couch in the air conditioning and sip cold drinks. Although this is definitely the way to go sometimes, it can't be done everyday. Eventually, you will have to go out and mow the lawn, walk the dog or take the kids out to play. Don't worry, it is possible to stay cool in the summer heat.

The most obvious way to stay cool in the summertime heat is to get wet. During the summer, many people spend the hottest part of the day in the pool. Swimming is a great way to get exercise, without overheating. After work, go for a dip in the pool to cool off and unwind.

Splash parks help young children to stay cool in the summer months. Little kids may fear being submersed in a pool and prefer to run through a sprinkler. Many communities have local parks with a built-in water feature that operates in the summer months. Plan a picnic and take your kids to the splash park. They can cool off in the water while you sit in the shade.

Less obvious ways of staying cool in the summer include wearing white or light-colored clothing. Dark clothes absorb the sun's rays, causing your body to warm quicker. Wearing white clothing reflects the heat away from your body, helping you to stay cool.


Whenever you eat, your metabolism increases. This causes your body to warm up faster, as you are producing energy. Stay cool by eating lighter meals that are quicker to digest. Eating heavy meals will cause your body to produce more energy for longer periods, in order to digest it.

Help your body to stay cool by drinking lots of water. You must drink eight to ten glasses of water a day, during average temperatures, to keep your body hydrated. You need to drink a lot more than that during a heat wave, as your body is expelling water in the form of sweat.

If at all possible, try staying indoors during the hours of noon and five. This is the hottest part of the day, and when the UV rays are most damaging. Plan your outdoor activities for early morning, or later in the evening. If you must go outside, wear sunscreen and eye protection. Young children should wear a hat to protect their scalps and faces from burning.



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Staying cool in hot weather means doing something indoors like bowling, taking art classes, going to art galleries, going to the movies, making ice cream or smoothies at home, playing racquetball indoors, going to a mall. And my favorite...working on scrap booking with all the photos I've been taking.

There's plenty to do indoors when the heat is just getting to you.

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We live in one of the southernmost cities of the United States and have learned how to stay cool in the summer (which is about 9 months of hot temperatures for us).

Of course we love our pools and beaches, but getting sunburned is always a worry as the sun's rays here are extremely strong in the summer months. We swim early in the morning or late in the afternoon to keep from getting overheated or sunburned.

One of our favorite things to do in summer is to go ice-skating at our local rink. The kids love it, the teens love it and the parents love it! After being completely chilled, to step outside in the warmth makes us feel thankful for where we live instead of moaning about the heat!

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