What are the Best Ways of Getting Better Eyesight?

There are three ways for a person to get better eyesight: eye glasses, contact lenses, and laser eye surgery. Eye glasses and contact lenses are lenses that correct the vision of the wearer. Another path a person can take to get better eyesight involves undertaking laser eye surgery. During laser eye surgery, a type of ultraviolet laser called an excimer laser is used to reshape the cornea, resulting in better eyesight once the patient recovers. Sometimes a person can use two or three of these methods in combination, because eye glasses and contacts are better suited to different environments, as well as the fact that laser eye surgery does not always result in perfect vision.

The most typical method of seeking better eyesight is through the use of corrective lenses. Corrective lenses are most often fitted into glasses, a device that frames the lenses and supports them by resting over the ears and on top of the nose. In addition to the typical use of corrective lenses in glasses, these lenses are often incorporated into similar apparatuses for use during activities that glasses are not conducive to. For example, goggles with corrective lenses might be worn during sporting activities because they are less likely to receive damage or become dislodged during play than traditional glasses. Corrective lenses are also often incorporated into sunglasses designed to protect a person’s eyes from damage caused by sunlight.


Another method of gaining better eyesight through corrective lenses is the use of contact lenses. Contact lenses work in the same way eye glasses do, except that instead of residing in a frame that is set against the face, they are set directly against the eyes. These types of corrective lenses typically need to be replaced more often than traditional eye glasses, requiring replacements anywhere from every day to once a year. More frequent replacement is thought to be an effective way of limiting negative things that can happen due to biological buildup on the lenses from use, such as infections and decreased visibility.

A final method of getting better eyesight is through use of laser eye surgery. The laser eye surgeries that can improve vision typically involve forming the cornea into a shape that is more conducive to seeing properly. Laser eye surgery is generally considered safe, but it can increase the risks of some negative conditions. Unlike contact lenses and eyeglasses, laser eye surgery is usually not covered by health insurance plans.



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