What are the Best Methods of Eyesight Correction?

The best methods of eyesight correction are those endorsed by the medical community, but there is some variation in which method is best for each particular case. For example, laser surgery is only appropriate after a certain age, and contact lenses are sometimes difficult for children to use. Glasses, while usually appropriate for most eyesight correction needs, may need to be combined with other treatments in order to overcome severe eyesight problems. The only way to figure out which method of eyesight correction is best in a particular case is to discuss the problems with an optometrist and try the suggestions out.

One of the most common methods of eyesight correction is the use of glasses. Glasses are made in accordance with the user's specific needs, such that a particular prescription makes vision clear only for a person whose eyes need that type of correction. For people who cannot afford new glasses, an approximate fit may be used instead of a precise prescription. Some problems with glasses include that they are not permanent and can be broken and that some people do not like wearing them.


Contact lenses are another method of eyesight correction. These lenses work in a way similar to the lenses of glasses in that the design of the lens moves where light is focused in the eye. Like glasses, they are not permanent, but they are less visible than frames worn on the face. Some people have difficulty putting contact lenses into the eyes or keeping them clean, which can become a major problem if an infection develops.

Laser eye surgery can be used for eyesight correction, but the results do not always last. Also, if the surgery is botched, the procedure can cause blindness. For some people, laser eye surgery can result in completely normal vision, but for others it may only correct vision partially. Surgery is a major decision and should be considered carefully in consultation with a reputable doctor.

Some types of eyesight problems are temporary and may be caused by a bad diet or using a computer too much. These problems often respond best to changes in behavior or exercises for the eyes and may not require any kind of special device. Other types of eyesight problems, such as cataracts, respond only to medication or surgery, making other approaches literally worthless. It is important to remember that the only way to remedy an eyesight problem is to properly diagnose it, so the first step to recovery is always to see a doctor.



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