What Are the Best Tips for Web Design Startup?

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Starting a web design business can be challenging, especially if the web designers do not have any experience in online marketing, but it is possible. Most clients will not order from a web designer without first seeing a portfolio exhibiting examples of his work. A web designer may just be concerned with web design, but he can add a blog to his business website to increase the website’s content and search engine ranking. Focusing on functional websites, and not just aesthetics and special effects, tends to work better, because clients are looking for a website that functions well. There are many website-building programs available, but hand-coding skills will be necessary to ensure that the Web designer can fulfill every client's demand.

A web designer is often judged based on the quality of his portfolio. A web design startup without a portfolio of sample designs has very little chance of getting any orders, because clients will be worried about investing time and money when they do not know how the design will come out. Offering some free, scaled-down website templates also may help ease clients into buying. If the web designer offers free website templates, then he should add a link back to the website, so anyone viewing the free template knows from where they came.


Building a web design startup website is only one part of attracting clients to a startup business. Web designers may want to consider building a blog and networking with prospective clients. The blog should include relevant information about the main website, such as changing rates, new additions to the portfolio and other elements that clients may find interesting. A blog can help the web designer interact with clients and will make the website more likely to be found by a search engine. Networking with clients, over social networks and forums, also can assist in making sales.

Some new web designers tend to focus on building websites with special features and aesthetics. While some clients may appreciate this, many prefer a designer who focuses on building a functional website, rather than one that just looks good. A web design startup business's website should show that the web designer can build functional websites and can add special effects at the client's request.

Web design startup companies can use website-building programs to help speed up production, but the web designer also should know how to hand code. Many website-building programs work much faster than hand coding but may lack the ability to add special functions that clients may request. Designers should have at least an intermediate grasp of common website coding languages — such as HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript® — before starting a web design business.



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