How Do I Become a Website Consultant?

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A website consultant is a professional that helps businesses, corporations and organizations build, maintain and upgrade its website. Website consultants do not necessarily program the websites themselves, but instead provide guidance to the client and all of the professionals involved in how the website should be built, what information the website should contain and how the organization should drive traffic to the website. Generally, you can become a website consultant with a degree in business, computers, technology, marketing, or some related field and experience working with the Internet.

One of the first steps is to earn a degree in one of the related fields. You need to be knowledgeable about building websites, as well as maintaining and marketing them. When you become a website consultant, you are not the person who is actually responsible for building the website or promoting it, but you are the one responsible for creating the big picture of building and maintaining the website, and then helping to guide the professionals that put all of the pieces of the puzzle into place.

When you become a website consultant, you may work for a company, such as an advertising agency, marketing company or business startup company. Many website consultants, however, are self-employed individuals.


It is helpful to have experience working with websites as well. You may have experience in graphic design or marketing. Advertising experience is also a plus. All of this experience provides you with the skills you need to assess an existing website and provide the client with suggestions on how to make it better. A website consultant also helps companies that do not yet have a website to help guide them on what they need to build an effective website.

Once you have a degree and experience, you need to decide whether you want to become a website consultant working for another company or if you want to open your own company. If you decide you want to become a self-employed website consultant, then you will need to go through the process of opening the business and attracting your own clients.

If you decide to become a website consultant for a company, then you need to identify marketing and advertising companies, graphic design companies and website consulting businesses. Contact each company and find out its process for applying for a position, even if they do not have a position that is currently open.



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