What Are the Best Tips for Strength Training for Men?

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Strength training is a regime of diet and exercise designed to build muscle mass. A man wanting to build up strength should eat a diet high in protein and low in saturated fat. His workout routine should involve heavy weight lifting along with moderate cardiovascular exercise. A personal trainer at a gym can help design a routine suited to a person's individual fitness goals. Always check with a doctor to make sure it is safe before beginning a new exercise program.

Strength training for men starts with diet. It is important to eat three healthy meals a day to give the body energy and material for building muscle. Emphasize high protein foods such as skinless chicken breast while avoiding foods with high levels of saturated fats. Many men involved in strength training like to drink protein shakes right after a workout. Continue eating servings of fruits and vegetables for fiber and additional nutrients.

Any workout should begin with a short period of warming up and stretching. This loosens up the body and helps prevent injury during the workout. Warm-ups are usually followed by some type of cardiovascular exercise to get the blood moving through the body and help strengthen the heart. This cardiovascular workout could be jogging, cycling or swimming. Strength training for men generally avoids excessive cardiovascular exercise that can tire out the body out before beginning weight training.


Developing muscle is probably the most vital element in strength training for men, and it usually involve resistance or weight training. A man who can’t afford weights or a gym membership should perform push-ups, sit-ups, crunches and pull-ups. When possible, weight training should involve free weights or weight machines. Men should try to perform at least three sets with from eight to 10 repetitions for each exercise. Some popular strength training exercises include the bench press, curls and squats.

The workout routine should be performed at least twice a week. Most trainers recommend more frequent workouts while alternating exercises to give muscle groups a chance to recover. Ideally, the type of cardiovascular routine also should be alternated. Slowly increase weight resistance and repetitions over time. Trying to lift too much weight can lead to injury and significantly slow the strength-training progression.

Strength training for men confers many health benefits. Men lose muscle mass each year after age 35. Strength training can help maintain that muscle and help a person avoid heart disease and diabetes. Exercise can help a man look better and feel better about himself, giving him more confidence and better mental health.



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