What Are the Best Tips for Running a Service Business?

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Some of the tips of running a service based business include building a brand around the person or the service, providing superior customer service, catering to a niche and offering benefits that competitors do not. Running a service business is slightly different from running a product-based business because a service business does not provide a tangible item to its customers. This also means that the steps that service business owners have to employ to run the business in a successful manner are slightly different as well.

A service-based business can include anything from a marketing or business consultant, to a plumber or electrician. While it is easy for a customer to measure whether or not the plumber corrects their plumbing problem, it is not as easy to do so when working with a marketing consultant. The key element to running a service business where the individual is the service is to build a brand around the individual.

For example, a life coach works directly with individuals or groups of individuals to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Building a brand around this individual means painting them in a light where they are the go to person for life coaching — they are the guru of life coaching.


Superior customer service is the cornerstone of running a service business. when a customer feels appreciated, they are more likely to return to buy into your service over and over again. If there is a problem or an issue, it is best to address it and rectify it as soon as possible, so that the customer continues to partake in your service offering.

Service business success often comes from catering to a specific niche in its industry. It is difficult for a service business to reach everyone that may be interested in the service that they have to offer, so it is more effective and efficient to focus on specific markets. For example, a life coach may choose to specialize in working with executive-level managers or people who have suffered the death of a spouse rather than just working with anyone.

A service business should also focus on presenting the benefits that it offers to its prospects and customers. Part of this process requires the service provider to fully understand the needs of their ideal customers, so that the marketing materials and everything highlights how the service can solve the customers’ problems or meet their needs, that possibly competitors cannot.



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