How Do I Start an IT Service Business?

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An IT service business typically helps businesses and individuals with their computer and software hardware needs, issues and problems. Before starting an IT service business, you first need to gain the education and experience you need to serve your clients. You also need to decide on what type of services you will offer, the area you will cover and then you need to get the legal documents, permits and licenses in order to start a business.

In order to start an IT service business, you need to either have or obtain experience working with a company in the IT department or for an IT service. It is also beneficial to take courses or even earn a degree related to IT, which not only provides you with the knowledge you need to start and run the business, but also provides credibility with your customers.

Next, you should decide the type of IT services you want to offer. You may choose to fix and repair computers. Another option is to offer technology support services either in person or by phone. This type of support may simply be to walk a customer through a technical issue they are having with their computer, but does not require you to make any repairs.


Depending on the type of IT service business you start, you also need to decide on a geographic area that you wish to cover. If you are planning on providing hands-on services, then you may need to open a retail store or office and define the geographic area you will be able to service. For tech support by phone, however, you can virtually offer your services anywhere in the world.

Once you decide on the type of IT service business and the logistics, you have to work on establishing the legal side of the business. Generally, you need to decide which entity you want to open the business as — a sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC or partnership. You can contact the local jurisdiction where you plan to open the business for the paperwork you need and the fees you need to pay to establish the business.

You then need to contact the business office of the county where the business is located. The local county may require you to apply for a business license or permit for running the business at home or in a commercial space.

Finally, you will need to obtain a tax identification number for the business. This number is used for opening a business bank account and filing tax paperwork for the IT service business.



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