What are the Best Tips for Preventing Impotence in Young Men?

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Male impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction or ED, is a medical condition in which a man cannot get or sustain an erection sufficient to engage in sexual intercourse. An extremely common problem with multiple causes, many men find impotence cause for shame, doubt, and depression. Though not all impotence can be prevented, many young men have a good chance at reducing chances of ED by investigating the source of the issue carefully. Impotence in young men is often caused by lifestyle factors or other issues that can be altered with some effort.

According to experts, one of the major causes of impotence in young men is poor diet. Nutritionally deficient, the body cannot always act according to plan. A poor diet can also lead to many conditions associated with a high risk of impotence in young men, including diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity. Eating a well-rounded diet of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can not only help stave off a variety of diseases from prostate cancer to diabetes, it may also help lower the instances of impotence in young men.


High alcohol consumption is another diet-related factor that may contribute to impotence in young men. In the short term, drinking too much can certainly lead to temporary impotence, but many experts believe there is a long-term link between excess alcohol and impotence in young men. Alcohol abuse may disrupt the nervous system over time, making it more difficult for the brain to send arousal signals that translate into an erection. Limiting alcohol consumption may be quite important to preventing impotence, both in the immediate present and the future.

One of the most frequently cited causes of impotence in young men is stress. Whether caused by cramming for finals or working endless hours, stress can disrupt the normal workings of the body. Many experts suggest that there is a very important mental component involved in impotence: if the mind is too distracted by stress, fear, or anxiety, the body may have trouble responding. This problem is often complicated by the fact that men experience stress or anxiety about ED; worrying about the problem may exacerbate the issue. Visiting a therapist, doctor, or counselor to help manage stress and anxiety symptoms may play a very large part in preventing ED caused by mental factors.

Some types of impotence are due to actual physical factors or diseases that cannot be prevented, though others may be treatable. If lifestyle changes have failed to reduce frequency of ED episodes, visiting a doctor to help get to the root cause of the problem may be a good option. By discovering the cause behind the symptoms, doctors can help plan a preventative or treatment-based program that may help return sexual function to normal.



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