What are Natural Remedies for Impotence?

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Many diseases, medications, and emotional problems can cause or contribute to erectile dysfunction, leading men to seek healthy and natural remedies for impotence. Common prescription drugs, such as blood pressure medication and antidepressants, may cause or contribute to impotence. Studies have also shown that drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are major factors in developing impotence, so eliminating nicotine and alcohol from daily life may help. Lastly, a lot of impotence problems are emotional and can be handled by solving relationship difficulties or relaxing more during intimacy. It is important to remember that impotence is not a problem that only effects older men; young men can also develop impotence due to certain medications, emotional issues, or even injuries to the crotch.

A couple natural remedies for impotence are drinking less alcohol and smoking fewer cigarettes, though eliminating these habits completely may be best. Being drunk during sexual intercourse is known to significantly impair sexual functionality; in fact, some people use alcohol to last longer during intercourse. Smoking cigarettes is also believed to limit the blood flow to the penis, so quitting this habit can often help eliminate the problem too. Most doctors generally agree that smoking tobacco is unhealthy, not just because of the risk of impotence but other serious health problems like cancer. On the other hand, alcohol is usually considered safe in small amounts and does not usually affect sexual intercourse unless the person consumes it right before intimacy.


Certain medications can be the cause of a man’s impotence. If someone suspects that his medication is leading to impotence, he should not stop taking the drug until discussing it with his doctor. It is generally recommended not to stop taking the medication unless advised to do so by a health professional, because some drugs have serious side effects if stopped spontaneously. Often, a doctor can prescribe a different medication that does the same thing but may have different or no side effects. This can essentially cure the man’s impotence with a medication he needed to take anyway.

Many experts also believe that stress can sometimes play a part in impotence, therefore different methods of stress reduction are often considered to be natural remedies for impotence. Different types of stress can contribute to impotence, including stress that directly relates to sexual intimacy and an inability to relax throughout. Other seemingly unrelated types of stress, such as concerns about finances, can contribute to impotence as well. Often, taking steps to reduce and manage personal stress, even if the stress does not directly relate to sexual activity, is one of many natural remedies for impotence.



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