What are the Best Tips for Treating Impotence?

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There are as many tips for treating impotence as there are causes of impotence. The first step is to talk to a physician to determine whether the cause of the dysfunction is physical or psychological. Prescription medications and hormone therapy can help treat physical causes of impotence, while talk therapy can help treat psychological causes. Lifestyle changes in diet and exercise habits can also be implemented for self-treatment at home.

The first step to treating impotence is to talk to a physician in order to rule out any underlying condition. The best way to treat impotence is to find out whether the cause is physical or psychological. A family doctor or general practitioner will be able to determine whether the cause is physical and can work with the patient to determine a treatment plan.

Another great reason to talk to a physician about erectile dysfunction is because he or she is trained to look at all possible physical causes of the disorder, including any medications the patient may be taking. Some prescription medications have been known to cause temporary impotence. Treating impotence may be as simple as switching to a different brand of prescription.


Currently, there are a few different medications available over the counter and by prescription for treating impotence. These medications relax the blood vessels in the penis, allowing more blood flow to it, which can help a man get and maintain an erection. They do not, however, affect the libido, so sexual arousal is still necessary. These medications are currently available only for men.

Hormonal imbalance is another possible physical cause for sexual dysfunction. This is yet another example of when a doctor is needed for treating impotence. A doctor cannot only order the tests needed to determine this cause, but also can refer the patient for hormone replacement therapy to correct the problem.

When erectile dysfunction stems from psychological issues, talk therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, may be the best bet. Many cases of sexual dysfunction are caused by relationship or personal insecurities and anxiety or depression. Some therapist even specialize in treating impotence and other sex-related issues. Talking through these issues with a professional can bring great clarity and may be enough to correct the problem.

There are some self-help tips for treating impotence. Cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse have all been linked to erectile dysfunction. Stop smoking and using drugs and drink less to help cure or at least prevent impotence from getting worse. Excess weight and stress are also common causes of sexual problems. Eat a balanced diet, exercise for a half hour most days of the week, and aim to reduce stress.



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