What Are the Best Tips for Permanent Facial Hair Removal?

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There are numerous different ways in which to remove facial hair; some of them are simply temporary solutions that are claimed to be long-lasting, while others are true ways to achieve permanent facial hair removal. The best tips that can be given is a basic discussion about the various types of removal systems that actually work, and that not only accomplish the task, but that are permanent solutions to an unsightly problem. The procedures that actually work include electrolysis and laser removal systems, both of which must be done by a licensed professional. As with all other types of medical solutions, there are some side effects that accompany them.

Electrolysis is the most common type of permanent facial hair removal that is used. During this procedure, electrical impulses are used to burn the hair follicles, which effectively prevent them from growing back. This process is very time consuming and requires vast amounts of money because each hair is treated individually, and numerous sessions must be completed in order to obtain the results that are wanted. Electrolysis has been very effective for hair around the lips and the eyebrows, but is not considered to be a good solution to overall facial hair removal. Basically, if a small area is going to be removed, then this is a good solution, but for bigger areas, it should be avoided.


Laser treatments are also very common when it comes to permanent facial hair removal systems. Because of facial color and features, as well as the type and size of hair growth, this procedure may not be effective for all people. A specialist in this field needs to be consulted before even contemplating this form of hair removal. The skin may be slightly irritated after having laser treatments, but it is painless and permanent. The best thing to remember before going for this type of procedure is to discuss the possible complications with a professional consultant first.

Some of the side effects that can be expected from either of the permanent facial hair removal procedures may be reason enough to reconsider them. Discoloration of the skin is one result, as well as blistering and burning. These side effects usually do not occur in such ways as to cause any harm, but if the patient’s skin is highly susceptible to changes, such as eczema or psoriasis, then the solutions are not worth the problems that will exist afterward.

The best tips that can be given when it comes to permanent facial hair removal is to simply do the research and follow the path that best fits the individual. Small sections of hair can easily be removed with electrolysis, while larger areas may need laser treatments. The side effects from these procedures may make it an option that should be avoided since there are so many steps that can be taken as temporary solutions to the hair problem.



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