What Are the Best Tips for Painless Hair Removal?

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Home hair removal is a common grooming practice, particularly women. Some methods of hair removal, particularly waxing or tweezing, can be quite painful. Preparing the area prior to removing the hair is one of the best tips for painless hair removal. It is also important to perform each method of home hair removal properly. This does not only lead to painless hair removal in many cases, but also prevents skin blemishes and possible infection.

When most people think of painful hair removal, waxing often comes to mind. While it will not usually be a completely painless hair removal, there are a few tips that people can keep in mind to ease some of the sting. Most experts agree waxing should be avoided in certain circumstances. For instance, individuals with a sunburn should avoid this, as should menstruating women. Most areas around this time, especially the bikini line, are typically much more sensitive, and waxing can be very painful.

Exfoliating right before waxing should be avoided. This process sloughs off the top layer of skin, which can make waxing painful. To minimize the risk of ingrown hairs, however, exfoliating is usually necessary. Many experts recommend doing this a few days before waxing.


Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever or anti-inflammatory medication prior to waxing may also be helpful. These can be taken roughly an hour beforehand. While it will not result in completely painless hair removal, it will often lessen the pain.

Some individuals may also find that topical numbing agents helpful for painless hair removal. A hair removal painkilling gel or spray can be very helpful for individuals with a low pain tolerance. Some brands of home waxing kits come with numbing spray, and many professionals also offer this.

Talcum powder is another common trick for many waxing professionals. A small amount of powder is dusted onto the area prior to applying the wax, and any excess is brushed off. The fine layer remaining prevents the wax from adhering to the skin, but it still catches the hair. This helps minimize tugging and pulling on the skin.

Another painful method of hair removal is plucking, or tweezing. This is usually reserved for small areas, such as the eyebrows or chin. Many experts recommend soaking the area in warm water before plucking hairs out with tweezers. Not only does this soften the hair, but it also opens the pores, which helps the individual hairs come out easier.

Depilatory creams are usually considered a relatively painless hair removal method. Not following the directions printed on the bottle, however, can lead to painful chemical burns. Before using any depilatory cream, the product should be tested on the inside of the arm to test for sensitivity. Also, these creams should not be left on any longer than the directions state.



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