What Are the Best Tips for Motivational Sales Training?

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Some of the best tips for motivational sales training is to run a contest, increase commission amounts and bring in a motivational speaker to teach the group some of the new trends in sales that can help them to increase their sales overall. Each of these types of motivational sales training tips injects enough competition among the sales people to motivate them, but at the same time provides them with the tools they need to excel in their sales career.

Nothing spurs motivational sales training like running a sales contest. The contest may be tiered, so that different sales people win as they reach different milestones. The contest may also be a win or lose situation, where there is only winner at the end of the game. The winner, of course, is the one that has the most sales during the contest period.

Running contests as a motivational sales training technique has a lot to do with what the sales representatives have an opportunity to win. The prize may also be based on the price of the item the sales people are selling. For example, if the contest is for mortgage brokers, the grand prize may be a large monetary award or a week long trip for two. For lower ticket items, such as employees working in an appliance store, the prize may be a smaller cash prize or a gift certificate to a restaurant or store.


Increasing commission payments is another motivational sales training technique that can be used to boost sales. When sales representatives know that they can earn more money, it motivates them to sell more individual units. It provides that extra spark or motivation to greet one extra customer that walks into the location, or to make that one extra cold sales call to try to land a new client.

Motivational speakers can work wonders in pumping up sales representatives. It is wise to bring in a speaker that specializes in motivational sales training, so that the speaker understand his or her audience. Hearing a "rags to riches" story about a sales person who started out without any experience and turned into a high producer in their first year in business tends to excite the sales people sitting in the audience, whether they are newbies or long timers. This is especially true when the speaker shares tips, tricks, secrets and advice for the sales people to boost their sales, as quickly and easily as possible.



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