How Do I Become an Advertising Sales Manager?

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An advertising sales manager is responsible for developing marketing campaigns and strategies, as well as supervising the activities of a company’s sales force. You must have good leadership and motivational skills and be able to work under strict time and budget constraints to succeed at this profession. A bachelor’s degree in business or advertising is usually the only formal education needed to become an advertising sales manager. Several years of advertising sales experience may also be required before beginning this career.

In order to become an advertising sales manager, you should possess several important personal qualities. You must have very good problem-solving skills and be able to make sound decisions, and have the ability to effectively direct and lead a sales force. In addition, excellent communications skills are needed to present a company’s product in a way that motivates customers to make a purchase. Along with these personal qualities, you should also be able to perform your work within strict time and budget limitations.


A bachelor’s degree in business or advertising is usually sufficient to become an advertising sales manager, but some employers may require a master’s degree. College coursework in basic subjects such as management, journalism, and communications, as well as economics and marketing can provide you with a solid foundation for this occupation. Additional coursework in specialized subjects such as media strategies, consumer behavior, and advertising planning and placement can also be very beneficial for this career. Many colleges offer internship programs that allow you to gain a certain amount of hands-on experience during your formal education. Professional certification is also available to qualified college graduates.

Most of the training needed for this profession takes place on the job and several years of entry-level experience may be required before you can become an advertising sales manager. Many managers begin their career as a member of the general sales force in order to learn the various aspects of advertising. An entry-level worker in this profession may be required to answer telephone inquiries or meet face-to-face with prospective customers. This type of one-on-one advertising experience is often invaluable when designing strategies to target specific consumer groups. As your experience increases, your overall role in the advertising process will grow until you have attained a management-level position.

Advertising sales management positions can be found in a wide variety of industries, including television, radio, and web-based companies. Print media businesses such as newspapers, magazines, and periodicals also employ these professionals. Telephone directory publishers and direct-mail marketers often hire managers to oversee their sales force and advertising campaigns.



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