What are the Best Tips for Making a Water Feature?

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A water feature is one of the most attractive improvements a person can make to his or her yard. When making a water feature, one has to take many factors into consideration and make some important decisions before starting any work. A person must decide on the type of water feature and choose the size and location. Other choices that need to be made are whether to have plants and/or fish and whether to have still or moving water. Deciding all of these details in advance will make the construction process go more smoothly and help make future maintenance easier.

Location is one of the most important elements that the person making a water feature must consider. If it is necessary to excavate for a pond, it is vital to make sure not to dig where any underground water pipes or utility lines are located. One should also avoid installing the water feature beneath trees that will cause a pond or fountain to fill with leaves, sticks and other debris. If a garden pond is going to feature plants, it should be located in a spot that gets direct sunlight for at least five hours daily.


Fresh water becomes the perfect medium for growing algae when enough food and light are available, so controlling the growth of algae is an important consideration when making a water feature. An overgrowth of algae can choke fish, clog filters and turn a beautiful garden pond into a slimy mess. If a pond or other water feature is located where an overflow from rain or another water source might flow into it, a barrier should be placed around it, because algae flourish on plant debris, yard chemicals and fertilizer.

People should be able to enjoy a water feature at night as well as during the day, so one might want to consider installing lighting when making a water feature. Underwater lighting can make a garden pond stand out at night, and above-ground lighting can showcase a waterfall or fountain. The use of colored lights can help create an enchanting environment.

Creating a water feature can be as simple as placing a birdbath in the yard or as complicated as building a waterfall that flows into a pond stocked with plants and fish. A fountain or pond adds beauty to the yard and garden and turns it into a relaxing, serene space. Making a water feature can also increase property values. By following these simple tips, one can create a beautiful water feature design that will offer many years of peace and beauty.



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