How do I Choose the Best Design for a Small Backyard Patio?

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The best design for a small backyard patio will typically depend a great deal upon the space available and the layout that best fits your needs and preferences. Ultimately, you will have to live with the patio, so above all else you should be sure it will provide you with the features you want from the space and create an area you will enjoy for years to come. You should consider the space with which you have to work and how best to utilize that space as well as try to incorporate any specific needs or desires you may have. Your small backyard patio does not have to feel small and can bring a great deal of versatility and flair to your backyard.

A small backyard patio should first and foremost provide you with an area you will want to actually use and enjoy. This means that if you do not do much grilling, then a patio that is designed around a large grill is probably not the best design for you. On the other hand, if you cook outside just about every day, rain or shine, then you would likely want to incorporate a large grilling station into the design.


You might also want to consider the storage options that a small backyard patio can bring to your outdoor space. For example, while a shed may not be a viable option for a small backyard patio, you may want to incorporate some shelving or similar structures. This can be especially helpful if you have children and need storage for outdoor toys and similar things. You should also plan your small backyard patio around the other features or elements that already exist in your backyard. If you have a walkway running from your back door out to a focal point in your backyard, for example, then retain this path or further enhance it with the design of your patio.

Your small backyard patio should not feel small, so do not try to do too much, as this often can feel cluttered in the end. You should also try to compliment the colors already present in your backyard. For example, if you have lush green grass in your yard, then a red brick or concrete patio might really stand out against this. If you have desert landscaping, on the other hand, then you may want to go with slate or something similar to make the reds and earth tones already present really come to life. You should also remember that it is your small backyard patio, so do not feel pressured into going with a style or design you do not like.



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