What Are the Best Tips for Learning Study Skills?

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Study skills will be important throughout an individual's entire school career, from middle school all the way through college. Learning study skills will take some effort, but it will certainly be worth it in the end. One of the best methods for learning study skills is to actually take a class in it; many schools and colleges offer a brief class that takes place over just a few hours, and offers students tips and suggestions for getting the most out of their study time. If this is not an option, another choice is to simply purchase a book that provides information on increasing study skills, or look the information up online.

When learning study skills, it is important for the student to consider the ways that he or she learns best, and adapt her studying techniques to that. For instance, some people are capable of simply reading through something and understanding it. Others will need to highlight, rewrite something in their own words, or create flash cards. Some students study best independently, while others need to study with a partner or in a group to really question and absorb the material. The best study skills in the world may not work if they are not suited to an individual's style of learning.


Taking a course in learning study skills is one of the best ways to learn of different methods. These short courses generally offer tips in other aspects of studying as well, such as note taking and reviewing old exams, for example. Generally a study skills class such as this is no more than a few hours out of the day, and is offered free for students at the school they are attending; it may even be a part of a school's orientation program. If this is not possible, students may certainly learn study skills independently.

Doing some quick research online about learning study skills may be able to provide some new information or ideas. There are a number of web sites devoted to helping students learn to study better, whether they are working alone or with others. In addition, visiting the library or bookstore and looking for books on improving study skills is another simple and easy method. Though it may take some time to really build up studying ability, it will be invaluable throughout an individual's education, and may even help to boost focus and concentration abilities throughout an individual's life and career.



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