What are the Best College Study Tips?

Learning to study more challenging material in college can be difficult for some people, and it is important to remember some college study tips to make the process easier. The first step in improving study skills is to learn to take good notes that are easy to reference later. In addition, setting aside time each day to go to a quiet location and devote that time to studying is important, rather than attempting to study in a cafeteria or dorm room where interruptions are likely. Finding study habits that work is important too; for instance, some people find that using flash cards is helpful, while others prefer to just read over their notes.

Note taking is an important skill, and many colleges offer classes that include note taking and other college study tips for incoming freshmen. It is a good idea to take these classes even if study skills are already pretty good; write down the college study tips that seem helpful and just disregard the others. Taking notes in college classes doesn't mean writing down everything the professor says. Instead, it means zeroing in on the important information, and writing that down while still being actively engaged in the lesson. This is one of the most important college study tips to remember, because not only will it make note taking easier, but it will also help to promote memory retention.


Setting aside time to study is another one of the more important college study tips to remember; do not just expect free time to present itself. Figure out what time of day is best to study, and then find a quiet location for uninterrupted study time. Some people find that they learn best individually, while others prefer to study in groups; either can be fine, as long as actual studying is taking place. Even just half an hour to a few hours per day, depending on the number of classes and the extent of the coursework, can be an effective amount of time.

Determining the best study method for success in school is also necessary. Some people find that rewriting their notes in their own words, creating flash cards, or taking practice quizzes such as those found in textbooks are helpful study tools. Others do not need to expend this much effort and simply read their notes a few times in order to absorb the material. Still others learn better by comparing and discussing class material with other students. Generally, finding some way to apply new knowledge rather than simply rereading it is the most effective way to learn and to ensure that the information can be recalled for a test.



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