What Are the Best Tips for Increasing Retail Customer Loyalty?

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Establishing retail customer loyalty is important for any retail business because repeat customers typically bring in a higher volume of sales. The most important tip for increasing that sense of loyalty is to provide the highest level of quality customer service possible. Other tips include starting rewards programs and using newsletters and other marketing campaigns to entice repeat visits.

Customer service is the most important factor that will increase retail customer loyalty. If customers feel like they are important to a business, they are more likely to return. Good customer service begins with a happy, loyal staff. When employees are treated well, retention rates are higher. If employees plan to stay with a business for a long time, they have a stronger interest in seeing that company succeed, which means they are willing to go above and beyond what is expected of them to offer quality customer service.

Long-term employees are also more likely to establish a rapport with repeat customers, which can go a long way to helping customers feel like they matter. Even just remembering and using a customer’s name can increase retail customer loyalty. Knowing when to offer assistance and when to back off and let customers browse is also important. There is a fine line between being helpful and being annoying. Customers do not like to be stalked around the store, but they want to know that someone is available should they need assistance.


Rewards programs are a good way to increase retail customer loyalty, especially when personalized service for each customer is impractical due to the size or location of the establishment. These programs usually consist of a special card that customers use each time they make purchases. The most common type of card is one that offers discounts on merchandise that non-card holders wouldn’t receive. Another type is a simple punch card that keeps track of the number of times a customer buys a specific item or spends a certain amount of money in the store. Filling the card with punches typically results in the customer receiving a free item or deep discount.

Newsletters or email campaigns work well to increase retail customer loyalty when used correctly. Sending out a daily email or newsletter will most likely overwhelm the customer and cause them to unsubscribe from the mailing list. Sending out weekly or monthly notices regarding sales or offering special coupons is usually a more efficient way to ensure repeat customers.



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