What are the Best Tips for Good Winter Health?

Winter can be dangerous for the body in a few different ways, including an increased risk of disease and hazards that come directly from the cold itself. To deal with cold weather and improve winter health, people are generally advised to dress warmly and take the necessary precautions while spending times outdoors. It is especially important for people to avoid overexertion in the cold because of dangers to the heart. Certain sicknesses, including the flu, are more dangerous during the winter season, and for some people, it may be helpful to get vaccinated on a yearly basis.

One of the things that can lead to problems with winter health is the way the human body works. When it gets cold, the body has to generally do more work just to maintain a safe temperature. This can weaken the immune system very slightly and have other effects. Older people usually have more difficulties from this effect than young people, and they are generally more vulnerable to winter health threats overall.

Flu season is another major winter health concern for most people. Experts suggest that individuals in their late 60s get vaccinated every year as a precaution. The flu isn't usually dangerous to younger people, but individuals with weakened immune systems can be very vulnerable. One of the most dangerous things that can happen with the flu is when it turns into pneumonia, and this can potentially happen to people of any age.


Spending time outside during extremely cold weather can be very dangerous for people under any circumstances, and this danger is especially exaggerated when individuals try to do hard physical labor. Since the body is already under duress trying to maintain warmth, any amount of hard work can potentially overload a person's heart. Many people have heart attacks while doing common activities like shoveling snow.

The cold itself can also be dangerous just by lowering someone's body temperature to a dangerous level. This condition is called hypothermia. The body will shiver to keep temperatures up for a while, but eventually the condition can become deadly.

Wearing warmer clothing while outdoors is one of the most common recommendations for better winter health. Many people suggest layering clothing for the maximum insulation and protection from wind. People who live in very cold environments may choose to buy expensive coats and other winter gear. It's also considered very important to avoid any moisture because it tends to retain the cold and makes clothing less effective.



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