What are Some Inexpensive Ways to Stay Warm in Winter?

If you live in an area where there is snow and a brisk chill in the air during winter, the thermostat will usually get cranked up in an effort to stay warm. While this will do the trick of keeping you toasty, it could end up costing quite a bit of money by the season’s end. Before touching that dial, consider trying other inexpensive options that could help you to stay warm during winter.

Whether going out or staying at home, an easy way to stay warm is to pile on multiple layers of clothing when it starts getting chilly. When it warms up a bit, a layer of clothing can be peeled off and when it gets cold, another layer can be put on. Blankets can also be used at home to add a little extra warmth.

Exercise is not only beneficial for your health, but it can help to get you warm as well. The winter can make some people want to curl up under the blankets instead of being active. When it starts getting chilly at home, consider passing on turning up the thermostat and do a bit of exercise instead in order to stay warm.


When stepping on a cold floor, it’s possible to pick up a chill that can run through the body. Slippers, socks, and slipper socks are just some of the options that you have to wear on your feet to help you to stay warm in winter. Even if you don’t like wearing anything on your feet, consider it instead of turning up the thermostat.

Cuddling up next to another person or even a pet is another way to stay warm. The body heat that is exchanged can help to keep the chill away. The next time it gets cold in the house, consider putting your dog on your lap or curling up next to a loved one. It’s an alternative to consider for those that aren’t fond of wearing multiple layers of clothing.

Before turning up the thermostat, give a second thought about how it will affect your wallet. Turning up the thermostat even a few degrees can add up on your bill. Extra money shouldn’t have to be spent when it can be saved. There are other, less expensive, options to try that can help you to stay warm without the cost.



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