What Are the Best Tips for Getting Paid Apprenticeships?

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The best tips for getting paid apprenticeships are to be professional according to the standards of the field and to be flexible when possible. It is important to stand up for one's rights as a worker as well, as some companies may attempt to pay apprentices less than they are worth. In some industries, there are no apprenticeships, but there are internships, meaning that a person must sometimes be flexible with terminology. Being competitive among applicants requires being not only the most enthusiastic but also the most committed to the profession, as an apprenticeship is often seen as an investment in a young worker.

When trying to get paid apprenticeships, the first step is to find positions that are relevant to a person's career path. Online resources can be helpful in this endeavor, and schools can often direct students to relevant paid apprenticeships. Most of the positions will list the amount that the apprentice is paid and how much work that pay is for. While most positions do not pay very much, it is important to make sure that an apprentice will make enough money for basic expenses.


Competing with other potential apprentices can be difficult, particularly because few apprentices start with experience. Instead of experience, it is a good idea to present one's self in as professional a light as possible to potential employers. Relevant experience can take many forms, and a degree of creativity may be in order when composing an application. It is important, however, to be honest when applying for paid apprenticeships, as dishonesty can lead to career difficulties later on.

The key to applying for apprenticeships is to treat the application like a job application. This means acting, dressing, and speaking in a professional manner. Apprentices are almost universally the lowest-level employees in a company, and a person must be enthusiastic and happy about the type of work that will be performed. Paid apprenticeships are jobs and should be treated like professional engagements, even if the work is limited in duration.

One of the best tips to keep in mind when applying for paid apprenticeships is that this type of position is often seen as a way to keep young talent flowing into a profession. Even if a person is not the most qualified applicant, being the applicant who is most committed to this career path can be an asset. Pointing out the reasons behind interest in a particular industry can be a great way to personalize an application.



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