How Do I Get an Apprenticeship in Childcare?

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Getting an internship or apprenticeship in childcare is an important step for many different careers in this field, such as for those who want to become teachers, work in a daycare, or work with children in other developmental or educational settings. Whether such a position is referred to as an internship or apprenticeship depends on the part of the world in which the job is located, but they generally refer to similar things, and typically involve unpaid work with a particular organization for a specified period of time, though some apprenticeships will offer a small salary. An apprenticeship in childcare helps to increase your skills and experience and prepare you for a long-term professional career.

To secure an apprenticeship in childcare, you will generally need to demonstrate some form of existing knowledge or education in working with children. Many people who pursue apprenticeships such as this are earning degrees in childcare and education, such as early childhood education, which involves working with younger kids. Sometimes an internship will be required to complete a degree programs. In other cases, an individual may want to simply switch careers and start working with children; this will generally require a certain amount of experience working with kids, such as through volunteer work or even babysitting.


Like any job, getting an apprenticeship in childcare will require filling out an application and going to an interview. It is important to dress professionally and present yourself well, and be prepared to discuss why you want to work in childcare, what your career goals are, and the experience you have. Because of the nature of the work, obtaining an apprenticeship in childcare might require further examination -- such as a criminal background check and a drug test -- to ensure that it is safe for an individual to work with kids.

If a number of people have applied for the apprenticeship in childcare that you want, getting references and letters of recommendation from people familiar with your skills and experience may be able to help you stand out. Being sure to follow up after any job interview is another good way to express your interest and ensure that you are considered favorably for a position. Even if an apprenticeship is unpaid, it is important to display as much enthusiasm for and knowledge about the job as possible to indicate that you will take the opportunity seriously, and will do your best to be successful in the position.



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