What Are the Best Tips for Direct Sales Marketing?

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Direct sales marketing is a type of marketing approach that involves making direct contact with potential customers. There are a number of direct marketing strategies in common use today, ranging from sending out direct postal mail announcements to the use of email campaigns to reach customers who are highly likely to be interested in specific goods and services. Even home party selling is considered a viable direct sales marketing approach, since it provides a means of interacting directly with customers. In order to be successful with theses endeavors, it is important for the marketer to target specific types of customers, identify the best means of reaching them, and provide a level of support during and after the sale that inspire customers to come back a second time.

Just about any type of good or service will appeal to specific types of customers. Depending on the nature of the products, a niche market of customers may be composed primarily of people of a certain gender, age, economic status, or even educational background. By taking the time to focus attention on those niche markets that are more likely to be attracted by the products offered, the direct sales marketing professional can concentrate efforts in a way that is much more likely to result in sales.


After identifying those niche markets, the next step will often be identifying the best ways to reach those consumers. Depending on the characteristics of those targeted customers, something as simple as a direct mail campaign may be the best approach. At other times, the use of telemarketing sales may be effective. In some cases, the use of home parties that allow potential customers to see the products in what is considered a non-threatening environment will often be a great way to build rapport and generate sales.

Providing accessible information as part of the customer contact is also key to the success of direct sales marketing. Avoid unnecessary complications with the structure of the information, using words that are easily understood and likely to resonate with the reader. When using postal or email campaigns, the content of those mailings must be clear and concise, as well as kept to a length that will not be intimidating to the recipients. Keeping the text simple and focused enhances the potential of clients to be interested and take the next step of initiating contact or visiting a web site in order to make a purchase.

Above all, make it a point to always thank customers for their business and let them know that their purchases are appreciated. This is sometimes managed by a simple note of thanks with the order, or the inclusion of some type of free gift, like a kitchen magnet or a small calendar. A gesture of this type helps to build good will with clients, and increases the chances that they will place another order at a later date. In addition, customers who feel valued are more likely to tell others about the products, giving the direct sales marketing effort an even broader influence than would have been possible otherwise.



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