What Are the Best Tips for Cooking round Steak?

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Round steak is typically an inexpensive cut of beef which tastes best when it is cooked slowly. Recommended methods for cooking round steak include stewing or braising. This type of meat can be tough, so many people choose to tenderize it by pounding it with a kitchen mallet until it is thin. Cutting the beef into strips or cubes may help it cook more evenly, and a marinade can be used on the meat to give it extra flavor.

Tenderizing round steak usually makes it easier to cook and eat. The best method for doing this involves pounding each side of the meat with a spiked kitchen mallet. This will break up the tough muscle fibers, making the steak less chewy. For best results, the steak should be very cold while it is being tenderized, and excess fat should be removed. Care should be taken to not over pound the meat with the mallet, as this can lead to holes in the steak.


Braising is a popular method for cooking round steak, which involves simmering the meat in a small amount of liquid in a covered pan or pot. Common liquids used for braising include meat or vegetable stock, wine, juice, or water. There is no need to cut up a round steak when braising, as this cooking method works well for large pieces of meat. Browning the meat before braising will add extra flavor and texture. Braising is commonly done at low to medium heat, and typically takes several hours for the meat to fully cook, depending on the size of the steak.

Stewing is similar to braising, and also a recommended method for cooking round steak. To do this, the meat should be cut into small cubes. These should be tossed in flour and then browned in a hot pan with butter or oil. When stewing, the meat is completely covered with liquid and simmered in a covered pot or pan. The stewing liquid should simmer but never boil, as this may result in very tough meat. Like braising, stewing round steak requires several hours of cooking.

Braising and stewing can also take place in a slow cooker. Cooking round steak this way generally takes longer than cooking it in the oven or on a stove top, but usually results in very tender beef. There are many traditional round steak recipes available that have been modified for a slow cooker.



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