How Do I Choose the Best Marinade for round Steak?

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As you search for the best marinade for round steak, you will want to choose a marinade that has oil, acid and flavoring, as these elements will produce the tenderest and tastiest round steak. The key with any good marinade for round steak is the acid. Acid in the form of citrus, vinegar or even wine will help to break down the connective tissue in the steak and provide a tenderer cut of meat when finished. The oil in the marinade is primarily to prevent sticking while cooking, as well as to provide some moisture while the traditionally tough round steak cooks. Adding flavoring is a matter of personal taste, and can include options such as soy or Worcestershire sauce.

The best reason to choose a marinade for round steak is to not only improve the flavor, but to tenderize the meat. Round steak is a flat steak with little to no fat marbled throughout the meat. The best marinade will provide the acid needed to break down the connective tissue of the meat and actually tenderize the cut prior to cooking it. The marinade for round steak should be assembled in a plastic, locking-type storage bag and the steak should be placed in the mixture for no less than three hours before removing. Leaving the steak in marinade overnight typically yields the best results.

Some of the best marinade for round steak includes the juice of a lime, garlic that has been grated into the liquid, and fresh-cracked pepper. Other ingredients, such as extra virgin olive oil and soy sauce, finish out the mixture. Occasionally, herbs, such as thyme and basil, are also nice touches and serve as flavor-enhancers to any marinade for round steak. Occasionally, a splash of saki or rice wine will also add flavor to the steak, as will a jalapeno or other type of hot pepper, depending on your personal taste.

With especially tough cuts of beef, such as round steak, some cooks choose to set a small portion of the marinade aside prior to introducing the meat into the mixture. This extra marinade for round steak is used to baste the cooking steak, thereby adding to the juiciness of the finished steak by not allowing the meat to dry out during cooking. After browning the steak on both sides by placing it into a very hot pan, the heat is reduced and the steak is allowed to slow-cook to further tenderize the meat. After cooking, the steak should rest for five to 10 minutes before serving.


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