What Are the Best Tips for Applying under Eye Makeup?

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Under eye makeup refers to concealer, foundation and powder used directly underneath the eyes. There are several important tips to remember when applying this type of makeup. The first is to use a concealer that will brighten the skin and neutralize pigment. To create a smooth appearance, it is also important to learn how to use moisturizer, foundation and certain tools to blend makeup under the eyes. Lastly, users need to know a few tips for setting their under eye makeup and making it last throughout the day.

The most important under eye makeup is concealer. It is thicker and more pigmented than foundation, which provides users with more coverage. When choosing a concealer, consumers should look for a product that is one or two shades lighter than their skin. People with dark circles under their eyes should also look for a concealer with yellow undertones. Products with yellow undertones will neutralize the purplish appearance of dark under eye circles.

For a smooth application, moisturizer should be applied several minutes before applying concealer. Moisturizing the skin will temporarily plump fine lines, hydrate dry areas, and create a smooth appearance. This makes it easier to apply makeup and blend products into the skin.


People who frequently find their makeup running or becoming streaky should apply a makeup primer over their moisturizer. Primer helps to create an even, long-lasting base for makeup to hold onto. This product is not always necessary, but can be used to give makeup additional staying power.

Concealer is applied by placing a small amount of product on the skin with a concealer brush. Using a brush makes it easier to control the product without pulling on the delicate under eye skin. To blend, users should dab the area with a small makeup sponge until the product looks natural. People who prefer not to use a makeup sponge can blend by lightly tapping the concealer with one of their ring fingers.

Once the concealer is fully blended, foundation can be applied to the face using the fingers or a clean makeup sponge. While concealer can be applied over foundation, many people find that concealer looks more natural when layered underneath. After the under eye makeup has been applied, a person may begin applying other eye makeup, like eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. These products should be applied carefully to avoid transferring makeup to the under eye area.

To keep under eye makeup from smudging, a translucent powder should be applied to the area. This will set the makeup and make it last throughout the day. It is also important to avoid touching the area. Constantly touching the eyes will smear under eye makeup and transfer bacteria to the skin.



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