How Do I Choose the Best Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes?

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Specific eye makeup colors and application techniques are often recommended by professional makeup artists as a means to enhance the color of a person’s eyes. These enhancement techniques may vary depending on how colorful of a makeup look a person is looking for. For a more subtle approach, neutral eye makeup may be recommended as a means to make the eyes more noticeable, while completely contrasting eye makeup colors may be used as a more colorful way of enhancing the eyes. When choosing eye makeup for blue eyes, it is generally advised to use specific colors and undertones that bring out the brightness of the color and prevent subduing the blue appearance.


When selecting a neutral eye shadow to enhance blue eyes, products with a richer bronze or tan undertone are often thought to be more effective than eye shadows with a fairer peach or pink undertone. The central reasoning behind this belief is the idea that the more two colors contrast, the more attention will be drawn toward that area. If light-colored eye shadow is applied to fair blue eyes, it may wash out the entire area and make the eyes blend into the face instead of standing out. For a more colorful look when choosing eye makeup for blue eyes, rich colors that stand out against blue eyes and make them more noticeable tend to include deep green and purple shades. Eye shadow that is blue is usually not recommended because it is thought to make the eye color appear dull in comparison to the eye shadow.

In addition to eye shadow, another type of eye makeup for blue eyes that may be used is eyeliner. Shimmery light-colored eyeliner, such as white or silver, may be applied near the inner corners of the eyes to add a reflective quality that may make blue eyes more noticeable by emphasizing their light undertones. Using a darker eyeliner, such as dark brown or gray, around the lash lines may also enhance blue eyes by giving them a more defined shape. If a person has a fair complexion with blue eyes, black eyeliner is generally not recommended because it may appear overly harsh against the lightness of his or her complexion.

Other makeup may also be combined with the selected eye makeup for blue eyes to fully enhance the eye color. If the eyes are intended to be the main focus of the face, it is typically advised to avoid bright or dark lip colors in order to prevent drawing attention away. Eyebrows may be defined with an eyebrow pencil or powder and the eyelashes may be curled and coated in mascara to provide a framework for the eyes and make them stand out even more.



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