What Are the Best Tips for Applying Flawless Makeup?

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To apply flawless makeup, one needs good makeup brushes, sponges, as well as quality cosmetics. It is also helpful to apply makeup in a well-lit area that offers access to a large mirror. Since careful application and blending is key to flawless makeup, enough time to apply one's makeup is also essential. Finally, it is very important to keep one's makeup brushes and other tools clean and in good condition.

Makeup users should select quality cosmetics, and check the expiration date on the products that they use. Makeup that is well-made and that is not dried out or too old will go on much more smoothly and its color will be true to the manufacturer's formulation. Some makeup brands use higher intensity pigments than others, which can affect the appearance of makeup on the skin. Makeup users may wish to experiment with different brands to determine which colors and intensities work best for them.

Using quality makeup application tools will also contribute to the look of flawless makeup. Investing in a good set of makeup brushes and keeping them in good condition through regular cleaning can allow the user to apply and blend makeup in exactly the way they want to. Many individuals who use makeup find that the use of quality cosmetic sponges is particularly important in the application of flawless foundation.


While good cosmetics and brushes are essential in applying flawless makeup, it is equally important that the person applying the makeup is able to see what they are doing. Natural sunlight is often best when applying makeup, but one can also purchase incandescent light bulbs for the area in which one puts on their makeup. Some makeup mirrors are actually equipped with light bulbs that can give makeup users good lighting for applying their makeup. It is important to use the mirror to carefully evaluate one's face after makeup application in order to discover whether there are any streaks or un-blended edges.

In many cases, the inability to apply flawless makeup is due to the fact that a person does not have enough time for a careful makeup application. In such cases, a person should try and add a few minutes to their daily routine so that they can be more precise in applying their makeup. If this is not possible, that person should reduce the number of makeup products that they use every day so that they can take the time to carefully apply just a bit of color to their face and do so in a way that is truly flattering.



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Post 4

Has anyone here ever used spray foundation? I know that this is what makeup artists use on celebrities, and they always look so flawless on television. Even with high definition TV, their faces look nearly perfect.

I have seen the spray bottles of foundation on shelves in the cosmetics section of several department stores, but it is all so expensive. Does anyone know if it is really worth the money?

It sure would be nice to look like a celebrity. However, if this makeup is like my spray-on sunscreen that runs out after about four uses, then it is not worth it.

Post 3

I think that for the best flawless makeup job, you need to properly moisturize your skin first. If you don't, then wrinkles and fine lines can show through your foundation, making you look tired and like you didn't get your beauty rest.

When I hit my thirties, I started looking dried up and weary. I drank plenty of water, but my skin was aging, and it really needed some extra moisture from the outside. So, I started applying an anti-aging moisturizer at night and in the morning.

I would put it on about five minutes before I applied my foundation. This gave it time to soak in and hydrate my wrinkles, and this made me look more alert and less worn out.

Post 2

@lighth0se33 – You can also use a lip primer and an eye primer. For people like me whose eyeshadow and lipstick starts to fade or crack after a few hours, this is an essential step in flawless makeup application.

My lips dry out if I put lipstick directly onto them. When they get dry, you can see all the lines in them, and it is unattractive. So, I put the lip primer on first, and it locks in moisture while filling in the cracks.

I used to have problems with eyeshadow fading throughout the day and settling into the creases of my eyelids. After I started using eye primer first, this problem went away. My makeup now lasts throughout the day.

Post 1

I read a good flawless makeup tip in a beauty magazine. It said to always use a primer before putting on foundation.

I have a few age spots and bumps here and there, so I really need a primer to give my makeup a smoother surface to which to cling. My face looks so much smoother when I use primer, and the foundation tends to last longer.

However, if you are acne-prone, you might not be able to use a primer. Some people break out worse after using one, because it can clog your pores. It's trying to smooth everything out, and it does this by filling the crevices.

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