How Do I Get Flawless Skin?

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Unfortunately, having flawless skin is usually a matter of genetics and youth. You may be able to achieve the appearance of flawless skin through a combination of good nutrition and lifestyle habits, proper skin care and the careful use of cosmetics. In some cases, you can also get flawless skin through the use of various types of medical skin treatments. For many individuals, the quest to get flawless skin will be more easily achieved if one is willing to be patient and eventually content with having beautiful or smooth skin that may not be "flawless," but that nonetheless looks healthy and well-cared for.

Your skin is often a reflection of how well you take care of yourself. It is very important to eat well, get enough sleep and drink water regularly. Smoking, drinking to excess or using street drugs can negatively affect your skin and make you look older.

Many people find that the of daily use of a quality sunscreen can make a huge difference in their skin's appearance, particularly over time. Sun damage will make it impossible to ever get flawless skin, and can contribute to cosmetic flaws, such as wrinkles and sun spots, and also to skin cancer. Fortunately, quality sunscreens are available in supermarkets and drugstores and are often included in various types of skin care and cosmetic products. For example, many facial moisturizers and foundations include sunscreen.


You may also get flawless skin by adopting a sensible skincare regimen. Typically this includes washing your skin with a gentle cleanser and keeping your skin hydrated through the use of a good moisturizer. Many individuals find that an exfoliant can make a huge difference in their skin's appearance. An exfoliant helps to remove the dead outer layer of skin, often revealing smooth skin underneath. There are both mechanical and chemical exfoliants on the market. The first type of exfoliant is typically available in the form of scrubs that you can gently rub on your skin while the second type often contains an alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acid that can help remove dead skin cells.

For some people, using appropriate cosmetics can make a significant difference in how their skin looks. If you find that skin treatments don't produce the flawless look that you want, you may want to talk to a professional makeup artist about how to get flawless skin through the use of makeup. A good makeup artist may be able to show you various ways to conceal skin imperfections through the use of concealers, foundations and other cosmetics.



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@anon220287: Hmmm. Sounds like you may need to talk to a dermatologist. You may have the particular kind of acne that requires antibiotics.

However, you can get some cortisone cream for your worst pimples and apply it at night before bedtime. This will help reduce the redness and will help dry them up faster.

You can also try a cleanser like Phisoderm, but I'd get the kind for sensitive skin. It's an odd thing, but acne sometimes gets worse when anti-acne remedies are used because your skin may also be sensitive. So, don't wash your face too much.

And, as strange as it sounds, you might also want to get some Aveeno lotion for your face. I know you're thinking

your face already is oily, but Aveeno has collodial oatmeal and that seems to soothe skin. Also, drink a lot of water, which is also helpful for your skin. I'd also have at least one day during the week, like a Saturday, designated as a "no makeup" day when you don't put any kind of makeup on your skin.

However, if your pimples are making your face swell, it sounds like you need to see a dermatologist.

Post 1

I read your article and it's really good but I somehow don't find it useful for someone like me! I'm sorry to say that! I was looking for some easy and quick remedies for "huge pimples" that grow on my face to the extent of making that particular part of face to swell. I need your help please. When I apply concealer and foundation on my skin, my acne becomes even more prominent. Please help me as soon as possible.

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