What are the Best Tips for a Healthy Smile?

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Having a healthy smile is one of the best things a person can have. Mouth problems can be incredibly uncomfortable and can lead to a host of other problems. While brushing three times a day and avoiding dark liquids is helpful for creating a healthy smile, adhering to some other simple tips can allow for almost anyone to have the smile they desire.

The first step to having a healthy smile is to find the right dentist. While some may be inclined to wait until a problem arises, pain can sometimes push someone to choose the first dentist who happens to have an appointment regardless of how good he is. Do research and find a dentist who is not only the best option, but can also meet your financial needs, especially if there is no insurance involved.

Blowing off any mouth problems will cause damage to almost any beautiful smile. Problems can escalate and cause more damage than if the initial problem was taken care of. If there are any sensitivity issues, problems chewing or something doesn't appear or feel right, make an appointment immediately.


Flossing after every time you eat is important for a healthy smile. Small food pieces get stuck in between teeth that brushing cannot reach, which means they sit there and continue to cause damage. Leave floss at work, in the bathroom, next to the bed and near the television, which are the most frequent places it will be used. If possible, carry some around as well.

Change your toothbrush often. Using a worn toothbrush can be almost as bad as not using one at all. Change your toothbrush every two months but, if using an electric toothbrush, follow the directions on the packaging for how often the head should be changed. After being sick, it is very important to change the toothbrush regardless of how new it is.

Avoid chewing on hard things that can easily crack teeth. This includes hard candy, ice and overly hard bread. While teeth are strong, it is still possible that they can crack or chip under the pressure of hard food items.

A wonderful smile is one of the first things someone may notice about another person upon the initial meeting, so it can be helpful when trying to make a good impression. It can also play a huge role in a person's self-confidence level — a healthy smile can make a person feel and look good. Spending a few extra minutes a day taking care of a beautiful smile can have many benefits in the present as well as in the future.



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