How do I get a White Smile?

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One of the most important aspects of making a good first impression is to have a white smile. Over the last few decades, all sorts of products have emerged to help people achieve the dazzling smile they want. Along with commercial products, there are also several home remedies that are often effective in changing dingy teeth into a dazzling smile. If you want to regain a beautiful white smile, there are some tips on how to reach your goal.

The process of teeth whitening begins with practicing good oral hygiene. Many foods and drinks can leave behind residue that over time yellow teeth and make the smile less appealing. In order to combat the staining from coffee, tea, and other products, brushing after every meal is very important. Brushing helps to remove some of the buildup and when paired with regular flossing will help to preserve both the appearance and the general health of your teeth.


Dentists offer professional teeth whitening as part of their services. If you’ve neglected your teeth for some time, this may be the first step toward recovering your white smile. The professional cleaning and whitening process often includes controlled teeth bleaching, especially in situations where there are years of buildup to deal with. Keep in mind that one session may or may not show much in the way of results. Your dentist can advise you on what to reasonably expect from the procedure and also how to practice proper oral hygiene in between sessions.

If your teeth are in fairly good shape and you need to freshen and whiten the surface from time to time, you can often achieve a whiter smile by using strawberries and baking soda. Simply mash a fresh strawberry into a pulp and add a little baking soda. Rub the combination over the surface of your teeth, then rinse. The baking soda helps to remove plaque while the acid in the strawberry can help to loosen surface stains. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and brush using a good quality toothpaste ten to fifteen minutes after the treatment.

Hydrogen peroxide can also help whiten teeth and help you recapture a white smile. Using a mixture of peroxide and water as a mouth rinse will help dislodge debris on the teeth and let the whiteness shine through. However, don’t overdo the use of this product as a teeth whitener. Limit your usage to no more than twice a day; more frequent use may have the opposite effect and cause your teeth to yellow and possibly discolor the inside of the mouth.

To help you keep your white smile, there are a number of teeth whitening products on the market today. Toothpastes and teeth whitening gels formulated to help maintain a white smile are found in most supermarkets and drugstores. Home kits that contain everything you need to bleach teeth are also available. If you use one of these over the counter teeth bleaching kits, be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging to the letter.

Most people know the importance of a bright smile. Beautiful teeth indicate general good health, energy, and competency. There is no reason to live with dingy teeth. Look into your options today and begin the process of reclaiming the white smile you enjoyed in years past.



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I didn't see it listed but I like using WineStraws to make my teeth whitening visits last longer. For a couple of bucks I am seeing longer time between my whitening visits!

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