What are the Best Sources of Earache Relief?

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Earaches are a source of discomfort for millions of individuals every year. These ailments can impact individuals of any age, and they often cause sharp, intense pain in the ear area. Hearing loss and ringing in the ears can also manifest as symptoms of an ear affliction. Earache relief solutions may range from home remedies to more traditional medical treatments.

The best means of earache relief may vary by the source of the pain. A cold or other type of respiratory infection can create mucous, pus, or other substances that will clog a tube between the eardrum and the throat. Decongestants and other cold medicines can prove helpful in such cases. Sleeping on the non-hurtful ear will also keep pain at bay by relieving pressure on the afflicted appendage.

Bathing or swimming may cause liquid to become trapped in the ear. This manner of ear affliction, in addition to less severe infection types, can be effectively treated by home remedies for earache. Such earache relief remedies typically involve application of a natural or store-bought substance onto the afflicted ear. Oft-suggested components of homemade earache drops or relief components include sesame oil, a garlic-oil mixture, warm mango juice, heated licorice, and compacted salt. Over-the-counter earache drops are a more medical-based option, as these aids contain therapeutic substances that can alleviate pain.


Warm compresses applied to the ear provide another means of valuable earache relief treatment for many individuals. Heat and moisture are two of the most effective types of ear pain reliever. Gel packs, towels soaked in warm water, or heated pillows are some options for heat treatment.

If an ear becomes clogged and painful due to ear wax buildup, unclogging the ear canal will usually eliminate any side symptoms. This particular problem is accompanied by a loss of hearing. If one suspects an ear wax problem, hydrogen peroxide treatment may be the solution for treating an earache. An individual can insert this substance into the ear canal by using a bulb syringe and pumping around five or ten drops at the ear opening. Following this step, one should lay on his or her side for roughly ten minutes.

The age of the afflicted individual also plays a role in earache relief treatment. Adults and older children can often function without the use of antibiotics, and symptoms may dissipate naturally given time. Pain relievers like acetaminophen can counter earache-related pain. If a child is less than six months old, however, a regimen of prescribed antibiotics for an earache is typically recommended by physicians. Regardless of age, the earlier any detected pain is treated, the better the treatment protocol will work.

More serious symptoms are also indicative that a potential doctor’s visit is in order. If the ear discharges any substance — especially blood — a more severe disorder or injury could be the underlying cause of the ear discomfort. Inflammation of the ear drum, or myringitis, is one such ailment that may result from a puncturing of the ear canal or an ear infection. In addition, ear pain associated with chewing often signals a jaw disease known as temperomandibular joint disorder. The latter condition may require the attention of a dentist or oral surgeon.



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