What Are Earache Drops?

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There are several types of earache drops available sold either over-the-counter or by prescription. These remedies are suggested for a variety of different kinds of earache pain and infection. Most medical experts suggest knowing what is causing the ear pain before choosing to introduce any type of solution to the ear and ear canal. Ear drops are always a liquid, and are made from chemical or herbal ingredients. The drops are typically packaged in small, light-proof, glass bottles and are usually available with a dropper for easy application.

The most common type of earache drops are those to treat acute otitis, the common ear infection. Ear drops used to treat infections are only available through a doctor's prescription and often include several different types of medication, including a hydrocortisone solution safe for ear use, neomycin, and polymyxin B. Treating an earache with drops helps to ensure that the medication reaches the source of the infection and can provide fast acting relief of the pain associated with these infections. Anyone can contract a bacterial ear infection, but it is far more common in children. It is customary to schedule a follow-up visit with the doctor shortly after the antibiotic drop course to ensure the infection has been fully eliminated.


Some types of earache drops are made to only relieve pain symptoms. Consumers can get these products both over-the-counter and through prescriptions from their doctors. These ear pain remedies are available in all natural formulas, and the ingredient list varies per product. Most medical experts recommend only using these earache drops for a short amount of time and suggest seeking medical attention if the ear pain does not lessen and stop within a few days. The ear pain could be an indication of infection or other type of ear disorder.

Otitis externa, also known as swimmer's ear, is commonly treated and prevented using specific types of earache drops. For people who are prone to this condition, ear drop products containing rubbing alcohol or vinegar are suggested to help dry the ear canal after swimming to reduce the likelihood of infection. If infection does occur, the person's doctor usually prescribes prescription ear drops containing antibiotic and pain killing agents to combat the infection. Patients are also advised to either avoid swimming altogether or wear protective ear coverings, such as wax plugs, when in the pool, bath, or shower until the infection has been cleared.



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