What are the Best Remedies for Insomnia?

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The best remedies for insomnia are those that are naturally relaxing. While sleeping pills may work to help people with insomnia get to sleep, they can become habit-forming or even addictive. Consulting with a doctor before trying sleeping medications is recommended. Oftentimes, creating a regular sleep schedule in a relaxing environment can eliminate insomnia and the need for sleeping pills. The three-hour period before bedtime is crucial for applying more natural remedies for insomnia.

All foods or drinks that contain caffeine should be avoided at least three hours before bedtime. This includes coffee, tea and soda. A healthy bedtime snack containing milk or turkey is preferable, as these contain natural chemicals thought to be sleep-inducing. Eating a few hours before bedtime can also prevent waking in the middle of the night due to hunger. Of course, large meals as well as anything fried or spicy should be avoided, as these could cause trouble sleeping due to an upset stomach or heartburn.


Having a warm bath or shower an hour or so before bed is another one of the best remedies for insomnia. The warm steamy water can comfort and relax the body. Comfortable pajamas and a home that's neither too hot or cold in temperature can help a person ward off feelings of insomnia and begin to become sleepy at night. Work or schoolwork should be avoided before bedtime. Worrying about money or tasks such as balancing the bankbook or paying bills should also be avoided at nighttime if possible.

Reading quietly or watching television before bed can be relaxing. Choosing comedies or lighter subjects tends to be better than horror or adventure stories, as these can be overstimulating rather than relaxing. One of the best remedies for insomnia can be saving the bedroom for sleeping only, so if possible, watching television or reading should be done in another room. It's important not to read or watch television after starting to feel sleepy or nod the head and close the eyes, or the point of tiredness may disappear and lead to insomnia.

By using the bedroom as a place for sleeping rather than working, the body is more likely to be ready for sleep at bedtime. It's important when considering remedies for insomnia to make the bed itself as comfortable as possible. It's usually difficult to fall asleep on an uncomfortable mattress. If a person can't afford a new mattress, there are things that can be done to try and make it more comfortable. Turning the mattress over as well as around from the head to the foot every few months may help it be more comfortable; a foam topper can be inexpensive yet add an extra layer of cushioning.



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