How do I Choose the Best Natural Sleeping Pills?

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If you suffer from insomnia or have difficulty falling asleep, you have many natural options available to you. Natural sleeping pills can come in the form of melatonin, valerian and magnesium capsules. As with any other medication you are taking, you should check with your doctor to determine the best natural sleep supplements for you. Pregnant and lactating women are especially advised to do this before taking natural sleeping pills.

Melatonin is, arguably, the most well-known of the natural sleep aids. You naturally produce this in your body, and that is one of the reasons why it is effective. This sleeping aid can be taken about half an hour before you lay your head down. Although it can be used for as long as three months, people who suffer from autoimmune disorders, schizophrenia and depression should refrain from taking it altogether. You should also be aware that there have been some studies that suggest that taking too much melatonin suppresses the body's ability to produce it naturally.


Capsules of the herb valerian are popular natural sleeping pills. Valerian can be taken about 60 minutes before you go to bed, and although you can fall asleep soon after taking it, you shouldn't expect for it to cause grogginess after you wake up. A benefit of valerian is that it is not addictive. You might experience the side effects of indigestion, dizziness, headache and a racing heart. It's not recommended that you take valerian for more than 90 days.

Although they generally are not considered to be natural sleeping pills, magnesium capsules can improve your sleeping patterns. Magnesium is considered to be a natural sedative. While subduing irritability, constipation, tremors and body pain, it can also help stop restless leg syndrome. If you suffer from both insomnia and restless leg syndrome, you might want to look into magnesium capsules as an option.

Other natural sleeping pills include those that contain kava. It works because it helps with anxiety and can relax you to the point of falling asleep. This herb, however, has been associated with serious side effects. Some people who have taken kava as a dietary supplement have suffered serious liver damage and, as a result, have had to undergo liver transplants.

It's advised that you check with your doctor before starting any natural sleeping pill regimen. This is because your insomnia could be a symptom of a greater physical problem. Make sure that you're not suffering from a potentially serious illness or disease that includes insomnia as a symptom.



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