What are the Best Neck Pain Remedies?

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While the most common neck pain remedies often involve taking an ibuprofen or acetaminophen pill and lying down, there are more effective, proactive remedies that can not only relieve neck pain, but also prevent it from happening in the future. Neck pain is most often caused by injuries or poor posture, so the best neck pain remedies will focus attention on these causes. In the case of injuries, the nature of the injury will dictate the best course of treatment. Neck pain caused by poor posture can be corrected by changing some daily habits that are detrimental to the muscles and bones in the neck.

Neck injuries are common in sports, car accidents, and other day to day activities in which the neck moves in an unnatural way,either suddenly or unexpectedly. A neck injury can range from minor to very serious, so neck pain remedies will vary according to injury. Simple muscle strains can be treated with rest, ice, and light stretching, while more serious injuries, such as a herniated disc or fracture in the spine, will most likely need medical attention and physical therapy. If the injury occurred during an athletic event, all neck pain remedies should include a regimen of proper stretching before and after future athletic events.


Poor posture while typing or sitting at a desk can also cause neck pain. In this case, correcting the poor posture is the most important of neck pain remedies. If the sufferer sits at a desk for long periods of time, it is a wise idea to invest in an ergonomic chair, which will support the lumbar spine as well as the neck and shoulders, meaning less strain will be placed on the muscles in the back and neck while sitting. As muscles tire, they tend to tense up, causing pain. Addressing the source of the pain will help prevent it in the future.

Other types of neck pain remedies that can be combined with the treatments outlined above include yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic visits, and daily workouts. The effectiveness of these remedies will vary from person to person, but yoga in particular is very likely to address back and neck pain since the positions performed during yoga naturally stretch the muscles that can cause neck pain. Such positions can also help alleviate spinal compression, which can be a cause of neck and back pain. The effectiveness of acupuncture and chiropractic visits will vary, though both are worth trying if the pain is persistent or chronic.



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