What are the Best Methods for Home Monitoring?

The best method for home monitoring is to have a mix of several different types of security. The use of motion detectors can alert homeowners to possible intruders. Installing an alarm system that notifies local authorities when a window or door is opened will allow for the best possible response time in the case of an intrusion. Home security cameras, installed either on the exterior or interior of the home, provide visual confirmation of an intruder from a safe distance and also can be useful in identifying a burglar if he is successful in breaking in.

Motion detectors can be installed throughout a home. These types of sensors use heat sensing, motion sensing or a combination of both to set off an alarm if something passes through the coverage range. These sensors are most useful at night, when household members are in bed, and when the home is empty and no motion is expected. This type of system typically has a specified period of time in which a person can turn off the alarm with a personalized code if the sensor is accidentally tripped. If the alarm is not turned off manually, the system usually automatically contacts the local authorities.


Standard alarm systems can be installed on doors and windows. When the system is armed, opening a door or window from either inside or outside will set off the alarm. As with motion detector systems, this alarm typically has a window of time in which a personalized code can be entered to turn off the alarm. Once the time limit has passed, local authorities are contacted. In some cases, the security company maintaining the alarm system calls the home as soon as the alarm is set off to verify whether an intrusion is taking place.

Another method of home monitoring is the home security camera. They are typically installed on the exterior of the home to visually monitor possible suspicious activity on the property. They also can be installed inside the home and viewed remotely. This option is good for those who travel often and wish to check in on their home from time to time.

Each of these home monitoring systems is capable of providing decent home security. When motion sensing, alarm systems and security cameras are combined, they provide some of the most comprehensive home monitoring available. They allow homeowners and residents several layers of security, greatly reducing the risk of an intruder actually making it inside and creating one of the best methods for home monitoring.



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