How do I Choose the Best Outdoor Motion Detector?

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An outdoor motion detector can be stationed outside of your home, office, or vacation cottage to keep away unwanted visitors. Your search for the best outdoor motion detector reveals a plethora of choices featuring alarm lights and speakers. The primary concern when purchasing an outdoor motion detector is to find a product that can be customized to your needs. Another factor should be the amount of protection offered by the product warranty. You can also consider monitoring services and brand quality when looking for the best outdoor motion detector.

The best outdoor motion detectors on the market can generally be adapted to the size and shape of your property. You might be able to use a detector with one sensor if you live in a single-family home with a modest yard. This detector would not be effective for a two-level home or commercial property that requires multiple sensors. You would need an outdoor motion detector with add-on sensors, lights, and mounts to accommodate these properties. These peripheral devices can be more effective with wired rather than wireless connectivity to ensure responsiveness.

The time and energy spent installing your outdoor motion detector may be wasted if the product breaks quickly. Warranties offered by detector manufacturers are often limited to coverage of defective parts within months of purchase. You should look for outdoor motion detectors with more comprehensive warranties to protect your investment. These warranties may cover regular maintenance by certified personnel and extended coverage for faulty parts.


Outdoor motion detectors backed up by monitoring and emergency services can provide greater value for your money. You should focus on retailers and wholesalers that offer monitoring packages with their detectors. These services can include 24-hour observation of your property, checkup calls in case of suspicious behavior, and alerting local police in case of intrusion. Your provider may offer detection services at multiple price levels to accommodate your budget. The best outdoor motion detectors allow you to sample these services during a trial period.

You will likely discover multiple outdoor motion detectors that are adaptable, protected by extended warranties, and feature monitoring services. You can further filter your search for the best detectors by looking for the most reputable brands on the market. Consumers often provide product reviews and testimonials at retailer websites based on their experiences with outdoor motion detectors. Blogs and magazines devoted to home security products may offer reviews about the best brands for outdoor detectors. These brands tend to offer durable products, diverse accessories, and outstanding customer service.



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