What are the Best Exercises to do at Home?

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Many of the best exercises to do at home are good for both you and your pocketbook. When beginning a home-fitness program, some people may invest in a home gym. Others may buy and use popular exercise videos. Those are good for workouts, but they may not be necessary, especially for people who are willing to try stair climbing in their homes. Anyone who is looking for exercises to do at home should also consider walking.

To begin a walking program, all a person needs is a good pair of shoes. Most healthy adults should get at least 2 1/2 hours of moderate aerobic exercise each week to maintain good fitness. That is the equivalent of walking about 22 minutes a day. A 180-pound (81.6 kg) man who walks at a pace of 3 mph (4.8 kph) for 22 minutes would burn about 130 calories. A person who weighs more, or who walks farther, would burn more calories.

One way a person can help make sure he or she will begin a walking program and stick to it may be to get a dog. Some studies have found that dog owners spend more than eight hours each week walking their pets. Many dog owners walk their pets for 20 minutes or longer several times a day, and frequently take their dogs for even longer walks throughout the week.


Yoga is another popular choice for anyone looking for exercises to do at home. As a form of exercise, yoga combines breathing routines, physical postures, and meditation. It is a way to develop flexibility and strength without lifting weights. Millions of people in the US and other countries have taken yoga classes or used home videos or other products to practice this exercise discipline at home.

It is also easy to include weight training as one of the exercises to do at home. A person can set aside a small amount of space and use a few basic pieces of equipment, such as 2- to 10-pound (0.9 to 4.5 kg) dumbbells or exercise bands. Heavy household objects, such as canned food or plastic milk jugs filled with water, can be used if a person wants to avoid purchasing equipment. Other exercises, such as sit-ups and push-ups, can easily be done with no equipment. Most experts recommend doing some kind of resistance training for at least 20 minutes, three times a week.



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