What are the Best Eczema Remedies?

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Eczema is not as specific as many people believe it to be. There is an array of dermatology problems that can fall into this category. This means that initially deciding which eczema remedies are best can be difficult. However, there are several modes of treatment that are reputed for their results. These include corticosteroids, phototherapy, and natural oils.

One of the first things a person needs to consider when considering eczema remedies is which route she wants to take. There is often a medical route, which includes pharmaceutical treatment options. Then, there is a natural route, which includes a number of substances and techniques. It is also best to remember that it is rare to find one remedy that effectively works alone over an extended period.

Many of the medical eczema remedies include topical pharmaceutical solutions. These are rubbed directly on the affected areas. They are often very effective in quickly eliminating the pain and itchiness often associated with the condition. Some are only available by prescription. Others are available over the counter.

In some cases, internal corticosteroids are used. Physicians often reserve this type of treatment for the more severe cases. These medications can have side effects such as skin thinning and blood clotting. The advantage, however, is that they are available in very potent doses that can alleviate the condition when nothing else will.


Bathing the skin with medicated shampoos also commonly results in relief and disappearance of outbreaks. These include shampoos designed for dandruff and skin infections. It also includes those made from coal tar.

Some people may find alternative eczema remedies to be most effective. Dry skin brushing is one example. This is a technique which has been noted to positively combat a number of conditions, including eczema. Dry skin brushing involves using an abrasive item, such as a brush, loofah, or pumice, to brush the skin. This is normally advised before showering and is done without any moisture or lubricating agents.

Phototherapy is one of the alternative eczema remedies that has significantly increased in popularity. Although it is an alternative treatment, it is still generally only available to those who are seeking the treatment of a physician. One reason is because it is not suitable for all skin types. Another reason is because it is best for a medical professional to determine the amount of ultraviolet exposure that is needed.

Using natural oils may also result in significant improvement. These include black seed oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. These oils may be massaged directly into the affected areas. It may also help to add them to bath water and to other lotions and creams.



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