What are the Best Arthritis Exercises?

There are over 100 different types of arthritis conditions that affect people everywhere. Arthritis causes pain, swelling in the joints, and stiffness in all parts of the body such as ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones. Each type of arthritis can affect a different part of the body. Exercising is a great way to strengthen muscles, reduce pain and stiffness in the joints and increase overall flexibility. Combined with proper diet and nutrition along with medication, arthritis exercises can help someone who is living with arthritis enjoy a more manageable lifestyle.

There are three types of arthritis exercises recommended for those with this disease. One type of exercise is called range of motion exercises. These exercises work specific areas of the body and widen the range of motion the body is able to reach.

Range of motion exercises can be done on land or in the water. Exercising in the water can help relieve soreness and guide the body while it moves, applying even resistance at all times to the muscles. Dancing is also a great way to exercise your range of motion.

Another type of exercise would be strengthening exercises such as weight training and using light weights to build muscle. One way to strengthen the muscle without movement is through isometric exercises. Isometric exercises allow a person to tighten a muscle and release it without moving their body. These are especially convenient and helpful for those who suffer from severe joint pain and cannot move certain parts of their body.

The third type of exercise is aerobic and endurance exercises such as bicycle riding, yoga, walking and aerobic routines. These type of arthritis exercises help strengthen your heart, blood vessels, lungs and muscles so they can work more efficiently. They help with flexibility and allow a person to move around more with less pain.

Arthritis exercises work the entire body to relieve stiffness in the joints and encourage normal movement. They increase muscle strength and keep the muscles strong to support the joints that may be affected by arthritis. Exercising on a regular basis helps keep a person's weight under control. The more weight that a person has on them, the more pressure they will have on their joints.

It is important to work the entire body when doing arthritis exercises rather than focusing on one particular area. Working the entire body builds and strengthens your overall health and relieves arthritis in many ways. As with any exercise program, it is wise to consult a physician before beginning. Your physician will have the best advice for you because he or she knows your arthritic situation on a personal level and can recommend the right exercises for you.


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