How do I Prevent Arthritis?

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There are many theories based upon the assumption that arthritis can be prevented. Some of these theories include minimal activity, joint care, and strained muscle prevention. Attempting to prevent arthritis is easy to do if certain precautions are taken on a regular basis. The first step towards preventing arthritis is to think about your daily activities.

Repetitive strain on your joints can lead to arthritis. Therefore, reducing the amount of repetitive activity that you engage in is one way to potentially prevent arthritis. This can be done by paying attention to any activities that you engage in. If you find that your joints ache every time you take part in an activity, try to limit that activity.

In addition, keep track of those work positions that cause joint pain. A simple chair or computer keyboard adjustment at work may be necessary in order to prevent joint strain. When it comes to exercise, try and avoid sports that cause joints to wear out. Sports such as running and heavy weight lifting should be kept to a minimum.


Aside from activity related joint pain, it is also important to pay close attention to your weight. People who are overweight often place unnecessary stress on joints. Thus, it is important to stay within your ideal weight range according to your height and age. If you are unsure of your ideal weight range, speak with your primary care physician. Your doctor should be able to determine whether or not you are overweight.

There is also some speculation that drinking large amounts of water will help to keep joints lubricated. While this theory is not backed by scientific fact, it is true that water will help to flush unwanted toxins from your body. By replacing soft drinks and other drinks with water, you may effectively prevent arthritis.

Lastly, take the time to engage in exercises that stretch your joints. Yoga is one activity that will help to increase your flexibility, and relieve joint pressure. In fact, a mixture of cardiovascular, weight training, yoga, and other sports is the best way to ensure that you do not place too much pressure on your joints.

While there's no disputing the fact that exercise is good for you, the type of exercise that you do may contribute to arthritis. To prevent arthritis, take part in a wide variety of activities, eat healthy foods, and try to find ways to relieve joint stress. It is possible to prevent arthritis if you pay attention to your body at all times.



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Post 4

Yes, weight training and jogging causes arthritis in the long run. That is why most athletes retire in their early 30s.

Post 3

I just found out that magnesium can help prevent arthritis and it can also be an arthritis remedy. Apparently, magnesium helps calcium in the soft tissues reach the bones. So the bones become stronger.

Post 2

@literally45-- You might want to ask your doctor about this. As far as I know, the best exercises to prevent arthritis are exercises that put the least amount of strain on your skeletal system. Swimming for example is great for preventing arthritis because there is absolutely no pressure or strain put on the skeletal system. Yoga is also good because it involves gentle movements using your own body weight and no repetitive movements.

Jogging is not best for arthritis because there is a lot of pressure put on the joints like the knees and ankles. It's also a repetitive movement.

Post 1

I thought that regular exercise prevents arthritis because it prevents stiffness and calcification in joints. I'm surprised to know that repetitive movements actually lead to arthritis. Does this mean that jogging leads to arthritis?

And how is weight training okay? Doesn't weight training strain muscles and put a lot of pressure on joints?

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