What are the Benefits of Walking Vs Jogging?

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People looking to begin an exercise routine often end up questioning which type of exercise will best serve their body. While any type of cardiovascular exercise can provide a great workout, it is important to remember that not everyone will benefit from a high impact routine such as jogging or running. Looking at the benefits of walking vs jogging can help a new or experienced exerciser choose the right routine for optimal health and fitness.

Jogging, while good for burning calories, can be quite hard on the body. One of the most important issues in walking vs jogging is the presence of injury or health problems. Those with knee, back, or neck problems may find injuries flaring up with regular jogging. The heavy impact of feet hitting the ground at jogging speed can jar the body, leading to pain and aches that can throw off a workout routine. Additionally, those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or people who are considered obese should consult a doctor before beginning to jog.


When considering walking vs jogging, it is also important to set goals for a new workout routine. Factors to think about include whether this routine is meant purely for exercise, or to also help reduce stress. Is it to allow for more time outdoors, or to simply take care of the body's need for exertion? Walking, though it can be done at varying speeds and difficulties, may provide additional benefits for those looking to reduce stress and enjoy a meditative experience. When walking with friends, it can also provide ample opportunity for conversation that couldn't be accomplished while jogging.

The person's level of experience and fitness may also factor in when considering walking vs jogging. Anyone with the ability to walk can do so, although endurance must be built with time and practice. Jogging, on the other hand, must be carefully handled to avoid overexertion. Not many people new to exercise can jog for 30 minutes without stopping, leading to the need for jogging programs that increase the amount of jogging done in each workout session.

For those considering walking vs jogging for weight loss, it may be surprising to find out that walking may hold some benefits. Although over equal amounts of time, jogging burns more calories, the intense level of exertion can lead to exhaustion and increased appetite. For those not carefully regulating diet, this can easily cause overeating, and make it more difficult to keep up with a workout program. While a person will need to walk farther to get the same caloric burn as a jogger, the lower level of stress on the body can help an exerciser stick to his or her routine.



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Post 3

Aside from burning calories, walking is great for relieving stress. Walking can relieve more stress than jogging because while walking you are more relaxed and able to appreciate your surroundings. Jogging is more like work, and I get enough of that already.

Post 2

I don't care what anyone says, when you look at walking vs jogging in terms of getting the best workout, jogging is going to win every time. I will agree with the article that because jogging and running are high impact in terms of the stress put on the body walking is better for some people.

But when you are talking about building endurance and burning off calories, the faster you move the better chance you have of reaching your goals sooner.

I used to be a really good athlete and in great shape, but my joints can't handle running anymore, so I walk for exercise. There is a big difference, and I wish I could run, but walking is better than me running and doing more damage to my knees. That's just part of getting older.

Post 1

For me, walking is simply nicer than running or jogging. And this is not simply because jogging is a little harder. Even when I am running and having no physical pain or discomfort, I lose focus. I start thinking to myself: Why am I running? Or, I start thinking this is so boring. And before long I simply stop.

When I walk I can go on and on and never think about stopping. With walking fitness, I am getting a good workout and I am enjoying myself at the same time, especially when I can find interesting places to walk.

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