What are Some Jogging Tips?

Jogging can be a great way to lose weight and increase cardiovascular fitness. It is simple to do, and virtually anyone can start jogging. If overweight or particularly sedentary, it may be a good idea to visit a doctor first to be certain it is safe and healthy to jog. Otherwise, following some simple and practical jogging tips can be a great way to get started, or to improve a jogging workout program. One of the best and most important jogging tips is to invest in a good pair of running sneakers.

These sneakers should be comfortable and fit the feet well, not allowing the feet to roll in or out too much. When feet roll in one direction rather than sitting flat on the ground, this is called pronation. Over-pronating feet roll in, and under-pronating feet roll out. Sneakers can correct this imbalance and ensure that the jogging stride is straight, which will help to prevent injury from a twisted ankle or fall. Salespeople at shoe stores will be able to assist in choosing the proper fit of sneaker.

In addition to sneakers, it is important to wear weather-appropriate clothing. Brightly colored clothing is best, to make one more noticeable to vehicles, and reflector strips should be added to clothes if jogging at night. If listening to music, be sure it is not turned up so loud that it is impossible to hear surrounding noises, such as someone yelling or a car honking. These jogging tips will help to ensure safety on the road.

Other jogging tips that are important to remember are about maintaining proper form. Keep the back straight, and do not hunch the shoulders forward. Take measured strides, not large, exaggerated ones that can lead to muscle strain and injury. Tighten the abdominals while running, and remember to breathe as steadily as possible. Always carry a bottle of water and take frequent sips to stay hydrated. If dizziness or faintness occurs, stop jogging and take a rest.

It may be helpful to time and pace oneself while running, and to keep track of distance. That way, it will be easy to see improvement as physical fitness increases, and it becomes possible to jog for a longer period of time and over a greater distance. Remembering to warm up and cool down while jogging are other important jogging tips. Walking briskly is an effective way to warm up and cool down, and some gentle stretching is also effective. Keep these jogging tips in mind while exercising to stay safe and get the most out of a jogging workout.


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