What are the Benefits of Running Workouts?

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The benefits to running workouts are numerous. Many people run because it is a relatively simple way to exercise; all one needs is a supportive pair of shoes, some comfortable running clothes, and a treadmill or outdoor path. Some of the benefits of running workouts include weight loss, increased endurance, reduced risk of heart disease, and improved mood, just to name a few.

The benefits of running workouts can be gained from different types of running, and it is largely a matter of personal preference and safety as to the way an individual person may run. One can run on a treadmill, on the trail, or on a designated running path outdoors. Many gyms offer tracks for running, for those who do not want to run on a treadmill. Some people time themselves, and try to increase their distance and speed over time. Participating in races is yet another option.

Running can improve physical appearance as well as overall health and well being. The first benefit of running workouts is weight loss. Running is an aerobic exercise that increases the heart rate and burns calories, and many people find running to be an extremely effective way to burn fat and increase lean muscle. It is also necessary to eat a healthy diet for the most weight loss benefits.


Running is a high-impact, weight-bearing activity, which means it increases bone density. This can prevent osteoporosis and fractures later in life. In addition, running workouts improve the function and endurance of the heart and lungs. It can reduce blood pressure, lower high cholesterol, and prevent some forms of heart disease. Running can also improve coordination, helping to prevent falls.

Many people also use running as a form of stress and anxiety relief. Running releases endorphins, which can boost mood and help to improve mild to moderate depression symptoms. Many runners also speak about the "runner's high," which is a feeling of euphoria after completing a difficult run. This can also relieve stress and boost positive feelings.

Running workouts can be a social activity as well. Many runners enjoy exercising with a running partner or a group of friends, which can also make running outside safer. If one does choose to run alone, it is important to let someone know the planned course, as well as the expected length of time before returning. To prevent injury from running, warm up by walking briskly for a few minutes, and cool down by gently stretching the muscles.



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