What are Different Types of Weight Loss Workouts?

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There are numerous weight loss workouts designed for individual needs and situations. For instance, there are weight loss workouts that are meant for senior citizens, and weight loss workouts for individuals with special needs or limited mobility. Individuals who have never participated in rigorous exercise programs may find there are a variety of weight loss workouts just for beginners. Women who are pregnant may participate in special exercise and weight loss workouts oriented for pregnancy. Weight loss workouts for men and women may differ as well.

Elderly individuals will not typically engage in a weight loss program that is identical to one designed for individuals in their 20s. This is because seniors have different metabolism, lower heart rates, and physical limitations that differ from those of a much younger adult. Many seniors may not have the physical strength they did when they were younger. An exercise workout program for seniors may involve lighter physical activity.

During the aging process, a person is more likely to develop joint stiffness and limited mobility, especially in the knees. Therefore, senior citizens who want to lose weight generally choose a workout that does not put added stress on those joints. Low-impact workouts are typically chosen for seniors. Brisk walking may be one such exercise for weight loss or maintaining weight.


Those who wish to lose weight but have never exercised regularly, often choose a beginners weight loss program. These may vary in intensity, but generally start off at a slow pace. The intensity and number of exercise sets may be increased gradually.

The beginner may start off with light to moderate exercises, such as walking or participating in an outdoor activity such as yard work. Working out indoors may offer opportunities to increase heart rate and burn calories and fat. Vacuuming and even stair climbing may be considered part of a weight loss workout.

At-home weight loss workouts for people of all ages may include the use of special training equipment. Jump ropes, balance discs, hand weights, and portable stair climbers are often chosen by those who have limited space to store their equipment. These are also versatile, as they will generally work for indoor and outdoor use. A video that features various exercises may be part of an exercise workout plan.

Weight loss workouts for children and teenagers may involve programs that are done at a school gymnasium. Some fitness centers also offer special courses and programs for children who are overweight. Typically, these programs work in conjunction with a diet plan for faster results. Before beginning any weight loss program, consulting with a physician or pediatrician is recommended.



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