What Are the Benefits of Homeopathy for Blood Pressure?

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Among the benefits of homeopathy for blood pressure are that it may be used to regulate pressure at the onset of symptoms. Individuals with chronic blood pressure issues may also find that homeopathic remedies help keep blood pressure at normal levels even when symptoms are not present. While there are several different types of homeopathy for blood pressure, some may also help thwart other conditions often related to blood pressure disorders, such as high cholesterol and heart disease. Homeopathy for blood pressure may also be beneficial for some due to the individually tailored remedies often prescribed by homeopathic practitioners. Used in conjunction with a doctor’s recommendations, the safety of homeopathy is sometimes counted as a benefit, but experts warn that such reasoning may not always be accurate.


One of the uses of homeopathy that may provide the most benefit is in correcting the blood’s pressure whenever symptoms of hypertension or hypotension are being experienced. For example, belladonna and phosphorus are believed to be effective in treating people with moderate to strong symptoms of hypertension such as dizziness, nosebleeds, heart palpitations, headaches and changes in skin color. Medical experts warn, however, that while there are many uses of homeopathy for blood pressure, treating symptoms without a doctor’s assistance can be dangerous. Many people also believe that the side effects of homeopathy for blood pressure are very few, but this may not always be the case. Belladonna, in particular, is believed to be toxic and may even cause abnormalities to occur within the nervous system.

Another of the primary benefits of using homeopathy for blood pressure regulation is that homeopathic practitioners believe in helping people balance their minds and bodies in such a way so as to avoid the onset of physical symptoms altogether. This means that natural approaches to health include making lifestyle adjustments that may lead to healthier ways of living. By doing so, many people can avoid illnesses, including high blood pressure, which are sometimes related to unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Many homeopathic practitioners do not believe that all remedies are good for every person. Most believe in giving full examinations, including assessing individual lifestyles, before tailoring a remedy for each patient. It is not uncommon for a homeopathic doctor treating people with the same health condition to prescribe radically different treatment modalities. Used in this way, homeopathy for blood pressure may be of benefit since such focused and individualized care and treatment options are presented. This benefit may further extend to follow-up visits and a close monitoring of blood pressure disorders over a long period of time.



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